I am so excited for Spring break! I am going on a vacation to a log cabin from 1853, that’s from when Abraham Lincoln was born, and even before he is a president. We are going to leave early Monday morning too southern Illinois! I saw pictures of the cabin and it is awesome. It looks all old timey with the lights that are modeled to look like a lantern. There’s also a treehouse in the back. It’s time for the best spring break ever.

please comment, and tell me if you have any vacation plans.

Sol#28: 6 times the speed… 6 times the awesome part 3



well… this video is a… blessing ❓❔❓❔

welcome to 6 times the speed… 6 times the awesome part 3. As you can see in the link above… the video is… fine. See it and you will see what I mean. It just proves that I’m out of control.

March is almost over, and that means only a few more blogs. If you want the last few blogs dedicated to you, then please tell me a good idea to make whatever you want at 6 times the speed

~keep blogging~

Sol#27: crazy hair day

Before you say anything……….………I got nothing.

today at school we had crazy hair day, so I put a hair tie in my hair. And now it looks like I have a horn. Many people had crazy hair, and here’s the story of the craziest one.

I was eating breakfast. J.E had pinkish dyed hair, E.M had ponytails, one on each side. And D.H had hair with a bun, leafs and sticks going through it. But one person had the most crazy hair… A.B. He’s hair was dyed yellow blue and was sticking straight up. It also had sparkles on it. I thought nothing, I repeat nothing can top his hair. But then, she came in. C.Hes hair was crazy. She put a water bottle on her head, and she took all of her hair, and rapped it up onto the water bottle.

Sol#26: 6 times the speed… 6 times the awesome 2


this is my second 6 times the speed… six times the awesomem video. If you didn’t see the first video, this is about things that I speed up at 6 times the speed. The last video I made was of my cat, Otto. This time it is me blinking extremely fast. Go ahead and watch the video on the link above.

if you ever want me to make 6 times the speed on whatever you want, put your suggestions in the comments bellow.

Sol#25: 6 times the speed… 6 times the awesome


this is is my first blog of six times the speed… six times the awesome. Throughout this mini section of posts, you will se an average item going for 10 minutes, on six times the speed. I have some ideas about what I should do next, but you can post in the comments for what you want at six times the speed next.

This video is my cat Otto at six times the speed in a Nike shoe box. It starts with him licking him self excessively, then about a quarter in, he changes how he is sitting. About half way through the video, we start to mess with him. First we pet him… A LOT. Then we give him glasses, a little hood, and when he stands up we put a lobster on his back. Please watch the video above.

thank you for reading and please comment on what should I six times the speed next.

Sol#24: R2D2s great adventure

CED8E264-6522-460D-B7DE-701ED9472A5E-r7waiyWhen you make a codable R2D2, and it starts to run into people, you lnow something is very very wrong. But it’s even worse when you find out that the code didn’t go wrong, and your friends trying to make it do that, that’s when it’s extremely wrong. But when your friend puts down the iPad, and the robot is still moving, that’s when you should leave the room. And you know what… that’s what happened to me.

Sol#22: peanut butter, Pope seed, and chocolate Hamantaschen


March 20th. Is it the best or what. If you didn’t know what that day is, it’s Purim, a Jewish holiday about a woman named Ester, who saves all Jews from dying. Every year there’s a Purim carnival at my temple. First there’s food like subway, chips, lemonade, and the best of all, a Hamantaschen. There are many flavors of Hamantaschen, but there were only three there, apricot, raspberry, and chocolate. After we had the best food in the WORLD! We went to the magilla reading, (the story of Purim), and it was super fun. Haman is the man who wants to kill all of the Jews, so when you hear his name, your supposed to make a boooooo sound. After the magilla reading, I played the carnival games. They were really fun, and I got popcorn and cotton candy on my way. After every game, if you beat it, the people at the stand will give you a marke. If you get 18 marks, you can go upstairs and get one big prize and one little prize. Once I was done, my little prize was a water timer with dyed water, and my big prize was a small basket ball with a  smiley face on it.

Did you know about Purim before this blog? If not, do you know about any other holidays that most people don’t know about?

Sol#21: egg nest an tree

your sitting in the lunch room eating your lunch, when your friend walks up to you and yells………. “ STOP LOITERING ON AN EGG!!!” when this (obvious) ever day occurrence happened, you would probably think that this person is crazy. Well do you know what I decided to think. I decided to think… drum roll please… I also thought that this person was crazy. Who wouldn’t think that this person is crazy. Well any way, later when I had to go to play practice. ( sol#8: monkey around). When I got there we started to rehearse our songs. About half way through, one of the main characters Said this. “You are under arrest for talking to a speck, disturbing the peace and loitering… ON AN EGG! I didn’t know what to think. My mind blew up 🤯.

now that I herd it for real, I think everyone is loitering on a egg.

Sol# 19: my restless Saturday part two B

You may have forgotten my last post, “ my restless Saturday part two A”, so here are the last few sentences and a whole lot of new stuff.

I got my pair of skates and went on the track. This was my second time skating, and I forgot how to do it from last time. I started to get the feel of it, and I was dashing through… but then… I fell! My hands saved my face as I fell. My hands were beat. I go up and kept going until another thing happened. A girl was skating past me when she stabbed me with her nails, pushed me to the ground, and skated away without looking back. My rib was hurting for the rest of the party. I got up, and I was ready to go, but once again, the world was against me. A man was flying super fast through everyone. He. Past me and knocked me back to the ground. My hand had a pain by then. I finally got back up and was ready to go, but by that time… we had to go.

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